Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Spirit

I have been trying to feel a bit christmassier (is that even a word - it looks weird). So I have invested in a christmas hits album from i-tunes AND I've put the christmas tree up AND I made some decorations. When putting the tree up I came across the two sequin baubles Nic and I made last year and so I made another one this evening.


So christmassy! I love making these. The others one I made were a tesco kit and have come out surprisingly well.


It's all done with glue - no sewing at any point - so I'm not sure how they'll hold up but they should be fine for this year at least.

Two of them star the Pooch, who is as I type freezing his nads off in the Arctic Circle. It's not some sort of penance - it was his choice and one I gladly opted out of. Sadly Norway with 30 mins daylight per day is not turning out to be as entertaining as he hoped but on the plus side there are at least two knitting shops so hopefully father christmas will have lots to haul my way this year!

I finally met up with Nic again today and had a good catch up on news. I was sad to hear Stash has closed. We also had a good chat about forthcoming knitting festivals and holidays, including SkipNorth, mightiest of them all. She also gave me the most AMAZING christmas presents. This is the most wonderful...Meet, Penelope.


Beeaaauuutiful! I absolutely love her. Nic made her herself. I have completely forgotten the name of the pattern designer but she is a genius. Nic also gave me this amazing Bargello book, a lucet making thingamybob and accessories and these gorgeous ceramic buttons.


All of the things are brilliant! I am one lucky bunny.


Nicola said...

Glad you like her, the designer is Rebecca danger, is it ok if I pinch the pic as I don't have an image for ravelry?

Daisy said...

Penelope is beautiful!

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