Wednesday, 2 December 2009

D(uc)K Feet

Duck feet booties in DK yarn. Holla.


Yarn: 40g DK yellow. I used Patons Fairytale but anything would do.
Tension: 5 st to 1 inch in stockinette
Needle: 3.75mm circ/dpns or whatever you need to get guage.
Also need: 1 stitch marker.

I did these as magic loop but you could do 2 circs or dpns. If using dpns then will be easier to use 5 rather than 4.

  • Cast on 32st using your favourite stretchy cast on. Join to work in round and place marker to show beginning of round.
  • Knit 18 rows in 2x2 rib
Now we're going to do a short row heel over the first 16 stitches. You can change this to a different heel if you want and just pick up the instructions later on. A tutorial on a short row heel can be found here.
  • Knit to 2nd to last st, wrap and turn
  • Purl back to 2nd to last st, wrap and turn
  • K to stitch before last wrapped st, wrap and turn
  • P to stitch before last wrapped st, wrap and turn
  • Continue til 6 stitches wrapped on each side
You'll just have done your last wrap and turn on the purl side. You'll next be doing a knit row starting in the middle of the heel.
  • Knit across and knit the wraps and stitches together a la the tutorial.
  • Knit across the other 16 stitches
  • Knit across the first half of the heel - knitting the stitches and wraps together - then knit across other side of heel.
  • Place marker. This is your new beginning of the round.
So for magic loop I've now got two batches of sticthes - 16 stitches each. The first is the top of the foot and the second is the bottom. If you're using dpns you may need to do some shuffling at this point.
  • Knit 12 rounds in stockinette (knitting every row) This will give you a foot length of about 2 inches.
  • Increase round: *k1, make 1, k14, make 1, k1* twice (This is the only increase)
  • Continue over the 36 stitches you now have in stockinette until the foot measures 4 inches.
Now you need to close the 'toe' of your bootie. I turned the sock inside out and used a three needle bind off. You could also graft or crochet it closed.
Sew in ends and repeat for the other bootie.
They fit a Kermit's feet very well.



pyropagan said...

Kermit looks TOTALLY jazzed to have duck booties. Very cute!

fiddlewitch said...

must make adult size--these are shaped just like my feet!

Knitting Mummy said...

Hi just discovered your podcasts and wondered if you will be doing anymore in the future.

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