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Showing posts from January 4, 2009

No, no, the weather map is over there, not down there...

I turned on the news and weather the other day to be confronted by these.
Can you believe that? I am a happilly married woman but even I completely failed to notice what the weather was actually going to be. It was on channel five so that kind of explains it, but I was still quite surprised. Mind you, not too incapacitated to grab my camera.

Now onto the knitting - did I mention Pooch briefly took up knitting? He has half made a very wide scarf and in the process bought some chunky alpaca/wool mix in coloours he decided not to use. So having listened to him go on about bed socks in far too much details I banged these out this afternoon. The benefit of using 12.75mm needles and super-chunky yarn is that 18 stitches gets you a sock so they were never going to take long.
In between I have been trying to finish my ripple bag and now just have the handles. The pattern calls for zig zag ones like this:
But....they don't seem right. I'm sure once you put any weight on them they'll st…

Snow woe woe woe

Obligatory snow outside the window shot.
It's the snow equivalent of a comb-over. Plus bonus frozen dock shot.
It was only about 60% frozen when I went past, but then it wasn't until about 10.30. Because i am on holiday. Did I mention before that I was on holiday this week? Well I am, and a very stupid time I am having. Largely going on nonsensical trips to places that are closed when I get there. Another one this morning - to the egyptian consulate to apply for my visa. It is the coptic christmas day today and so it was closed. Who saw that one coming? So I went off to the V&A to see the Magnificence of the Tsars. It was really good - even though there was a group of posturing art students draped all over the place. I had a great time wondering around and saw a lot of parts I had never seen before. Partly because I went up to the Members Room for the first time. This is it.
It was very sophsiticated, refined, demure and.... FREEZING. The woman staffing the cafe bit was weari…


It is fricking freezing here.
So naturally one has to knit hats.
This is the slouchy copy cat hat except I'm not finding it slouchy enough, so I'm doing that block-it-with-screwed-up-carrier-bags-thang.
With the freakin cold continuing I just hope it dries soon.

The afghan continues, and to make it easier to keep it all together I made a bag. It's got a cunning little pocket on the outside to keep my crochet hook in.
Last blanket I made I went through about 8 - I still don't know what happened to them all. This time I want to see if I can do it with one.

In between I've been rippling. First ripple is the ripple bag which I've been working at on and off.
Then there are the socks I just cast on yesterday.
This is the sock blank I dyed a while back. I'm going toe-up so I can decide which ripple stitch to use on the main part. I just got the Jan Eaton book yesterday and keep changing my mind.