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Showing posts from January 18, 2009
Nickerjac has a meme on her blog about films you have watched - I have seen 63, of which I would like to commend to you the folowing:
Hellboy. I've talked about this film before. It's just good. You can learn a lot about life by watching this film. Especially if you can set yourself on fire without actually burning and are having trouble controlling it. Team America. I *love* Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray (stingray, dunna daanna daanna), insert puppets here. I also like funny films. So this one combining the two was bound to be a winner. The songs are awesome ("America - fuck yeah!" is one of my favourites) and the sex seen is just brill - you've only seen similar if you have seen Avenue Q. Kill Bill 1 and 2. These really are the classics everyone bangs on about them being. They may not be to your taste but they are worth seeing just as a cultural reference point. Kung Fu Hustle. This combines some of the biggest names in martial arts with fit bods and h…