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Showing posts from March 22, 2009

"The cervix is a dark, treacherous maze of uncharted tunnels"

I'm watching the sperm program on BBC Two. I wouldn't have bothered mentioning it but in one of the scene setting shots it shows the billions of sperm waiting for action in the bloke's testicle tubes (I'm not a biologist - I don't know what these are technically called). Each sperm is represented by a person dressed in white.

I'm not kidding - as the camera panned over them all waiting for 'the call' of them was knitting.

SkipNorth, incidentally, was awesome. More once I've got my strength back.

I've also added the P/hop (pennies per hour of pleasure) widget to my sidebar. Those at SkipNorth are encouraged to donate in return for the yarn they got in the Friday night yarn swap. But you don't need an excuse to donate - just click and read more on the website.