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Pooch asked me how mofoblowjob was going. Yeah...not so good. I think I might just quietly retire. I did ok for the first 10 days or so but to be honest - my life just isn't that interesting and I don't knit that fast. Every 3/4 days is about right for me.

Having said that...lots going on chez byrne.

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet - asked to describe myself I would choose words like demure, modest, etc. But this week - I have been looking good. I mean goooooooood. I only have a pic from Wed which Pooch took, so is naturally out of focus. But still, I look good.
The day after I wore a turquoise vintage number with heels. Today I was in a brown polka dot wrap with boots. What's the occasion? Nothing special. Just a passing comment about burkas made me consider whether I was getting a little boring with my clothing. I think this general feeling or joie de vivre is also why I visited Schu on the way home and snagged these.
In case I've never mentioned it before - I do …


Look who's a lucky girl!
I did really well this easter - and I've only eaten one so far. Lots more to enjoy alllllllllllllllllll week!

Pooch and I went for a walk this afternoon since it was so lovely today. The ducks were out in force, also making the most of the sun.
I'm always interested in the social hierarchy of the birds in the dock. Two men and a woman this time. The women are so beautiful with their amazing brown plumage.
The men are also very dapper although they are simultaneously more showy and more demure.
This one was having a stretch and unfortunately you can't quite see the rich purple band on the body, under the wing. But you do get an indication of the greenyblue irridescent head.

I don't know if it is an english thing - to be so unwilling to destroy any of the past - or international. I was very affected by my few days in Rome where roman stonework was on every street corner. I wonder whether they would go to the trouble of rehanging a plaque that comme…