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Showing posts from April 26, 2009

Neddle eeedle eeedelooooo

I am almost dead. It's either the early stages of pig flu or a perfectly normal cold. Bleh. I've been using my bed rest to cough one of these into existence. It's a for a swap.
I know I'm happy with something when I don't want to give it away. It's the same with this and with a pink and white stripe baby top I'm about 1/3 way through. It's on ravelry here but not enough of it to show off yet. I am happy to show this off though!
I do rather like it. Just wish I wasn't so crook so I could go out in it. Bleh.

L is for....

Letter. Which is what Ms Mutley gave me after i asked her for one in this post. about 10 things beginning with the letter L. Hmmmmm. It's not an easy challenge but I have an excellent first step.

1+2. Lucy (left) and Louise (right).

These are my two best friends ever. This was at Lucy's wedding in 2007, a week after mine. And now Louise is getting married this year within a week of when Lucy got married. Hurrah!

3. Lime

I wish limes were sweeter - then I could just eat them like apples. Whenever I get the chance of something a bit limey I'm happy to step forward. Mojito's, especially, I'm always up for.

4. Lixie-ness

Ok, a bit lame. But I do quite like being Lixie.

5. Ladybird trainers

6. Geez, there really aren't that many things I can think of that I like that begin with L. Llamas don't really move me. Labels, lizards, leprechauns, lilos, lilies, lesbians - meh. Am I really to be defeated? At a mere 5? I guess I'll have to come back to this another …