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Yoiks, splendid, ghastly and other useful words

Just because you don't hear some words very often doesn't mean they are not good words. 'Splendid' is literally a splendid word. Juicy. Full of meaning. 'Ghastly' also. I won't stop using them however much people have taken to sniggering when I do.

So...yoiks! It's been two weeks since I last posted which is pretty ghastly. However, I have some splendid photos to share so stand by.

I'm going to break with tradition and actually talk abou knitting first before launching into the rest of my trivia. I am thoroughly sick of baby knitting and having seen a rather dishy cardigan in monsoon with a price tag of £50 thought "I can do that from stash" and got to it. The yarn seems to have been used as a dog bed at some point in it's past so as soon as it's finished it will be getting a nice bath but it is coming along nicely.
It just goes to show the benefits of aran weight yarn - it's taken me less than a week to get to this point.

Of cours…