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Showing posts from May 31, 2009

It's official - Poor Me

Within the last week and going from past to most recent: Fallen over running for the bus = bruises, scuffed palms, wrenched muscle, which only becomes apparent over the weekend.Get the sickness bug that's been going around and spend 36 hours convinced am going to be sick.Wrenched muscle (in bosom area, directly below left breast) (my left) gets more painful. Miss a night's sleep and end up on prescription pain killers. Gave blood. This in itself was fine but the painkillers were stopping my blood clotting as well as usual so start bleeding again and end up fainting. Hospital appt with handsome italian to personally examine my freckles. It's not skin cancer but is a non-NHS prescription so ££££. OK, so the italian actually made this a good thing on balance. Root canal at dentist. Am in the chair for an hour and he drills into a nerve (which is one of my long-time nightmares) which wasn't his fault at all but caused me to leave the chair and instinctively grab hold of him…

She doesn't just knit

When the spirit takes me I sew too. Not as well as A Mingled Yarn, but I do it nonetheless. In the past 24 hours I have knocked out three skirts, all of which I am terribly pleased with and all of which were completely from fabric stash.

The first is from the curtain leftovers.

A straight a-line with a zip and button fastening. Strictly speaking it's too heavy for clothes but I love the print so I've just gone for it.

The second is the same shape but longer.

It's a slightly stretchy cotton mix so didn't need a waist fastening - just some shaping.

The last is my favourite - you know I do love my polka dots.

It is one of those proper circle skirts so has excellent movement...

....check out those pins. Also with a zip and button waist.

I couldn't have done any of these without my beautiful sewing machine with its button setting. Plus of course the book "Sew What! Skirts" which I can really recommend if you're interested in making some simple skirts to your o…