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Showing posts from June 7, 2009

UK Ravelry Day

Had a lovely day yesterday. Despite the fairly torrential rain! Really felt for the organisers. If it had been last weekend it would have been perfect. As it was everyone made the most of it - I saw one person improvising by using a plait of roving as a scarf. Now that's cunning. 3 people said hello to me after recognising my skirt (the one made out of curtain fabric) and 1 said she recognised me from my voice and others asked for more podcasts. I have been thinking about doing another one but it's just actually sitting down and doing it that's the thing.

The one low point for me was the talk by Meg thingy - EZ's daughter. If someone had paid me to come over from america to talk about my mum I'd do more than just read out of one of her books for 20 mins. That was all she had prepared, apart from the original baby surprise jacket. The rest was depedant on the audience asking questions. Contrast that with what Stephanie Pearl McPhee did at the IKnit day last year an…