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Showing posts from June 14, 2009

I love my socks!

I finished my Kai Mei socks!
I completely and utterly and totally love them.
It's the way the lace curves across them. So cool. The yarn is Malabrigo sock.

Was so excited to have finished them I've cast on another pair from the Cookie A book called "Rick" which have a fancy spiral going round them. Am using some amazing yarn I got from Nickerjac on Folksy. Crimson, orange and red. Awesome.

I've also used the first of the embroidery transfers Jane gave me the other weekend. It's only a little one on a baby t-shirt but I rather like it!
Will be heading to Pooch's sister at the end of the month.

Who dat?

Dat, I mean that, happens to be moi et ma soeur. Did I spell that right? I'm so out of practice.

I am on the right wearing the dress Pooch got me for xmas last year. It is Sian's birthday in about 2 weeks but she'll be away so we had a nigth out last night. She'll be 29. My little sister! Not looking too bad for a 29 year old huh?

We had terribly posh cocktails followed by very unposh dinner at Bodeans. Great fun was had by all!

Meanwhile the Kai Mei socks continue nicely. about 2/3 through the second one. Just love the concept.

And don't forget...

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