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Showing posts from June 21, 2009

In a not unusual development....

....I have new shoes!
These came from Schuh and were a steal at £12.99. I thought they'd be perfect for our holiday, which we ste off for on Friday morning. 3 nights in the Lake District following by 2 nights with the in-laws. All very nice, plus Woolfest thrown in on the Saturday for fun. Hoorah!

Not much to report knit wise but a little spurt of creativity of a beady type. 2 necklaces, a bracelet and 7 stitch markers.
The stitchmarkers use them scarab beads I got in egypt, some plastic leaves I got the other day and a dangly crystal thing which is a bit bulky but looks lovely. I've had the beads for the necklaces for ages but have never got around to stringing them. The red and while polka dots are fimo and I made them about two years ago. The greyer ones are actually polka dot too and really beautiful. Close up:
I can't remember where I got them from now but I wish I'd got more - so pretty.