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Showing posts from July 19, 2009

Happily Plastered

I got a delivery from Artbox today. I love their stuff. So ridiculously cute. Most of it was for my Secret Pal but there were two things for me. The first was a box of plasters.
I hadn't hurt my hand - they were just too cute not to wear. Cats!

The second was a too too cute panda drawstring pouch. Of all the Artbox stuff the 'happy panda' range is beyond doubt my favourite. I have most of the panda socks, a bag, postcards, a keyring, pen and pencil. I love my happy-panda.
Plus you've got to love that it has polka dot ears *and* a polka dot lining. You know how much I love my polka dots. It is a bit small but should be able to hold a ball of yarn and a sock-in-progress.

I have been continuing on my fungus socks but have also started the baby blanket for my sister-in-law who is due in October. She loves butterflies so I went through all the patterns on ravelry tagged with 'butterfly' and drew up a chart.
I started knitting and got a few inches in and then paused to re…

For the Love of Fungus

I am horrified at how few people have graced their feet or the feet of their loved ones with these amazing socks. This really is one of all time favourite patterns for socks. These are destined for my Secret Pal, to be in her 'reveal' parcel so I'm safe blogging about them until then.
I've been trying to take better photos of the pattern, closer up, but I think the light is wrong.

I just absolutely adore them! The purple is Yarn Yard and the variegated is lorna's laces.


Meanwhile Pooch is over his swine flu and I show no symptoms at all. I really am wonderwoman. Must knit myself one of these.