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Showing posts from July 26, 2009

Who let the stash out?

Sometimes I think I have too much yarn. And then I go to knit something and don;t have anything suitable in my stash. Mmm, well. I put it all away again afterwards. It's just sometimes it's good to get it out for an airing.

This is just a quick post to check in and say hello. And also to post a stupid picture of myself. It took 7 attempts to get a photo that looked even this good. It's very difficult to take a decent full length pic of yourself you know. Yesterday was the brilliant hen-lunch for ym best friend and on the way back I dropped in to Kew (the shop, not the garden) and found this tunic dress and belt. I've been getting compliments all day so I decided to record it for posterity. This grinning blur (I was laughing because the photos were coming out so badly) isn't quite what I had in mind but what the hell.