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Shop shop shopping

Sian and I went to the far flung outskirts of london to visit Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush today. There was a tonne of shops (which I guess is the point of shopping centres) but also lots of good food.
Steam pork buns are my favourite of all chinese food. Mmmmm. Unfortunately I seem to have been enjoying my food a bit too much recently and am looking a little on the chunky side. I just do love the sweet stuff. Ah well. People give up crack. I guess I can cut down on chocolate.

I finally met up with Nickerjac again last weekend and got to play sandpits with the increasingly adorable Pete as well as being introduced to their two cats. I had forgotten how small kittens are. It was Pete's birthday recently and lots of fun was had at the toy shop and with presents. He is so well behaved and a joy just to watch, never mind play with. Nic also had my japanese books from when Lucy did a bulk order from
One of them is a stitch dictionary so is obviously yum. One…

Oh my god! Look at that!

This is what my colleagues kept saying to me on monday when I slept badly and woke up with a really stiff neck. I couldn't turn it to the left at all and it was inclined at about 20 degrees off centre. So of course they thought this was a gift from above and spent all day trying to trick me into looking to my left because it either hurt me or made me turn my whole body like an old-school robot (I work with 3 guys). Three days later and I've now got about 70% movement back but I'm very achey. I went for a walk-in massage yesterday and that helped a bit although about 30 seconds in she (the masseur) paused and said "I don't think 10 minutes is going to be enough for you". I hear you, sister.

This week was potentially going to be quite stressful:
worktime of the monthstarting new meds (changing anti-d)sian moving inInstead of the above the main stress has turned out to be my neck - so it just goes to show there's no point worrying as however bad you think some…

On a warm day in August.

As a Secret Pal hostess I try and check the blogs of my group once a week, usually at the weekend. One of them has posted this photo....THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO LIVE.

Polka dot house. How cool?

Something else I've found - a knitting survey from a real research project. Takes about 10 mins to do.

Meanwhile, boy! Can I knit stocking stitch!

It's yet another baby blanket. It started out with butterflies on but they were rubbish so now it is stocking stitch with a leaf border. And to go with it I'm doing a leaf motif cardi and hat in green - they don't know yet whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Knit on.

I think that's about it - my sister sian has moved in with us temporarily. We shoe horned all her stuff into the spare room yesterday although she has just discovered she's taken her good clothes down to my mum's and only got the second tier stuff with her. I can't help suspecting that it's an excuse to shop.