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Showing posts from August 16, 2009


Been having a great time on this site. I do love Star Trek. It all started with this video on YouTube. I must say it has taught me a lot. I never knew why he wanted to climb that mountain before. These are some of my favourites.

Knitting continues but am just working on same old WIPs. The big news is I finally got to meet the latest addition to the gang - 3 week old Sarah.
She is an excessively gorgeous baby and introduced me to the concept of projectile poo-ing when I was there while nappy changing took place. There was a nearly 2 year old too and she was equally amazed. Poor Mum is panicing constantly that something is going wrong but she's doing a brilliant job.

Hi! My name is Alex and I have Lumbar Discogenic Dysfunction.

After months of back pain I finally dragged myself to a physio yesterday. In a way it is reassuring to have a diagnosis because I've had this on and off for years. But at the same time this is actually fricking serious! I cracked a disc at some point and the liquid inside is bulging out and pressing on the nerve. Not sexy. The aim is to stop it getting worse because that way lies surgery. Yuk. Fortunately the physio is really nice and seems to know his stuff so the outlook is good. I came out of the first session with my back like this:

Knitting continues but I've recently become quite obsessed with Bargello Embroidery. Isn't it beautiful?
I'm planning a sampler. Anyone know which canvas you're supposed to use with anchor tapestry wool? It's surprisingly difficult to find out.