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Life on the farm (picture heavy)

Pooch and I started the bank holiday on the farm. We'd been to the one at Mudchute a while ago and it was ok but a bit boring. This one was very different. It wasn't huge but you got so involved. As well as all the pens with geese and cows and donkeys and things there was also a huge enclosure where there were goats, sheep, hens, geese and more wondering about being patted and hugged by the public (and fed - you could buy the right food from the shop). The animals there were obviously very used to this and at one point a huge goat came up to me and just leant against my legs until I stroked it.

The biggest pig you ever saw. A sign on the pen said 'Beware - this pig can bite"
A huge pig enclosure where they were all rooting and snuffling and snoozing.
I did love the saddle backs. So did Pooch, although for different reasons. Pork was on sale in the shop. Pooch said this was my pig equivalent. Eating straw while lying full length and practically asleep in the sun. Goat cli…