Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Secret Pal Challenge - Baby Knits

I challenged my Secret Pal group to post their favourite baby knits - and it's quite a list! There are so many ideas here and lots that I hadn't come across before which is brill! Thanks everyone for posting your favourites...and here they are:

Names of all those who posted their favourites were put into my very own KnowKnits sock knitting bag (a present from a former secret pal of mine)....


...and then picked one out with his hairy but beautifully formed arm....


I'd love to tell you who it was and who contributed their favourites but not until the end of the swap and everyone has found out who their spoiler was! Just rest assured I have already let her know (before making this post live) so if you haven't heard from me I'm afraid it's not you. Better luck....next time.....!

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