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Showing posts from September 20, 2009

Knit Yourself Thin

Why hasn't anyone written a book with this title? Even if that was the title and the subtitle was "(not)" that would be fine. It would still give us hope. Why is it that knitting doesn't make you thin. Imagine how skeletal we'd all be if it did.

I was thinking about this while I looked amongst my (possibly) several hundred knitting books for the one book I needed for a fairisle chart. I've had this book close at hand for about a year and have been planning this project all that time. Last night I cast on the collar and did the nexk shaping for my first ever steeked cardigan. I reached out for the book's not there. I can't find it. WTF? Where is this fricking book? It's been in exactly the same place forever and now it's not there.

Possible explanations:
1. Pooch has moved it. Unlikely. It was in the bookcase and he only tends to move things that are on 'his' chair.
2. Cleaner has stolen it. Unlikely. It's an old book, not rar…

Yay for Pooch! (and a give away)

Look what he sent me at work today!
He's in america so this was a complete surprise. What a sweetie.

Since Pooch left there has been mucho knitting and I made a whole ballaclava over the weekend.
It's not my usual style but my colleague loves it and immediately started doing IRA impressions. He works in membership and thought it could help with collecting subs. It also gave me a chance to use my denise crochet hooks. Very neat for picking up stitches.

To finish - does anyone want this?
It is the Buttercup top in DK cotton in poppy red. It's not badly made, though I say so myself, but I have done my usual trick of making it too big. I'd say it is a UK 16 and I'm happy to post it anywhere in the UK for free on the understanding that you pay it forward.