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Showing posts from October 11, 2009

Back (literally)

I'm back home after a really rather nice few days in hospital. Praise be for company healthcare. This was my room.
Ensuite bathroom with wet room type shower. Room service (seriously - room service). Deluxe dining with lots of choices of things like guinea fowl or sea bass plus puddings. There was a wine menu too but I left that alone. Seriously, there was. The staff were lovely and my care was excellent. The operation itself went perfectly and I was standing up within an hour of coming back from the recovery room. Baby steps but am fine pottering around. Journey home this morning was a bit hardcore - only 30 mins in a taxi but conked out as soon as got home for a 90 min nap. Bed rest with occasional pottering for the next week then stitches out and a few longer walks.

I did look pretty bionic while in hospital. I had this very funky watch thing that let me control my pain killers.
I just pressed the black button on the left whenever it started hurting or I was planning to get up. 5-…