Friday, 11 December 2009

Flickr as a Resource

I think a lot of people just use Flickr to host photos and don't realise what an amazing resource it is. If I ever had to stop knitting, embroidery would be my next thing. These are just a few of my 'favourites'. Anyone can type in 'vintage embroidery' or 'banana' or anything and find images others have done. There are also groups for sharing. I love "Hoop Love Vintage Transfers" and "Vintage Embroidery Patterns". And of course if I get the urge to do some embroidery all I need is a printer and an iron-on transfer pencil and I'm away.

Here are a few of my current faves.


1. WB 003 d, 2. Daphne, 3. Monarch 206 - cat pattern, 4. Super sewing girl! in progress, 5. girl and duck, 6. Untitled, 7. RobotSpring, 8. Birthday Owl Fabric postcard, 9. Y-Yarn, 10. The Acorn Fairy, 11. WB 2-945 e, 12. pink on yellow splat bird

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Byrne on Health

Pooch has flu again - the third time in a year. Now Pooch takes care to exercise and eat vegetables. He drinks berocca and consumes fruit for pleasure. I, on the other hand, mainline chocolate and pepsi max like they're about to start rationing and avoid unnecessary fruit and veg unless I have a hankering for some. I have not had flu the whole year. The only real health problem I've had in the last 12 months has been my back and that couldn't have been prevented however many forests of broccolly I had consumed.

So, to summarise my conclusions on this subject:
  • The human body is a sophisticated machine. It needs gentle maintenance. Suddenly exercising, especially outside when it is cold, is not gentle. You're going to freak out your body.
  • You are self-aware. Your body sends you messages when it's hungry, thirsty, tired etc. And sometimes it tells you it needs fruit or vegetables. Forcing these things on yourself when your body isn't asking for them isn't necessary.
  • If you eat something toxic your body freaks out and tries to get rid of it. If you can consume large quantities of pepsi max and chocolate and not feel ill it's a sign it's not hurting you.

Now while I strongly believe all these things I am also aware that I am only feeling the short-term effects of my lifestyle. It could be in a year or two's time I'll have a baby with no head or drop dead because my arteries are blocked solid. But for now...I'm not the one with flu.
Looking after Pooch has at least taken my mind off an outrage I suffered at the hands of Ellery Queen. Look at this book cover.

If you are intending to read this book, skip over this next paragraph.
Wouldn't that cover suggest to you that the murderer is male? It uses two male pronouns. The whole point of the book is on page 177 you are challenged to solve the crime. I'd discounted the women because of the cover. And as you'll already have was a woman.
Bah. At least Mum's cardi is continuing nicely.

I've also started wondeirng about what knitting to take to the in-laws at xmas. Going to be lots of time for it but just not sure. I'm only knitting from stash at the moment and god knows I have enough but I just can't decide what to do.
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