Monday, 1 February 2010

I do declare

A declaration is the pentecostal equivalent of a christening, I now know. And yesterday was the declaration of my ickle nephew, Alfie. This is him with one of his other aunties - lucky thing has 3 - and my sister-in-law.
Look at his little outfit! Waistcoat, tie, shirt, trousers and braces! Those really made me think of Les, which I guess is quite suitable as in the whole cycle of life. I hope Alfie turns out to be as nice a guy as Les was.

There was a buffet afterwards and if there's one thing this church did well it was the buffet. Mmmm, mmm. I've got three words for you - key lime pie. Pooch says I am now '2 slices byrne', which is nice. The other grandma made it and she got the recipe from a Carnation condensed milk tin, and I got it from their website. Soooooo unhealthy but my god it was good. I bought a lift out bottom cake tin today especially for the purpose. So easy to make too.

Pooch has been working very hard recently on all his hush hush things. This was the view I had of him for most of the weekend.
Hard at work, although I later realised he was mostly reading articles about football.

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