Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dot dot dot

My sewing machine is fixed - hurrah! It broke mid week and is now whole again. It took the man at the shop all of about 2 mins to spot the problem, unscrew it, fiddle, screw it up again and test it. Genius. I can not praise that shop enough. If you need a sewing machine and are in London, definitely check out this place.

It means I've cracked on with my polka dot circles quilt. I am now just over half way through with the circles. I really love them. I treated myself to some more fabric to add into the muddle. 
Which means I now have this many different fabrics in the mix. 

Meanwhile I have finished the skew socks. 
They have turned out very nicely so I am very pleased with them. It's definitely not a beginner's pattern but I enjoyed it and like the end product. I'm trying to decide what to cast on next. It could be sun ray ribbing jumper, or maybe another pair of socks. Not really sure. 

Pooch is in san francisco this week and it is SkipNorth in just a few days so lots to do!


bagqueen said...

Hi I fancy doing some skew socks, yours look great but are they comfy? I hate that twisted sock feeling so do they stay put??

TJ said...

When I lived in London, the Singer sewing repair man made a house call!! He was the coolest dude ever. So glad your machine is functioning again. And your fabrics are great, can't wait to see the end result. No clue how those strips will become circles. Happy creations from tj in germany

Tracey said...

Hi Lixie,

Just wanted to let you know I received your postcard from the ihanna swap! I love it and orange and red are my favorite colors! Thanks for playing!

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