Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Or anything else you happen to be celebrating at the moment. I love Easter. It's the chocolate. At no other holiday is there such a good reason for filling yourself with so much lovely chocolate. It's started well as my MIL has sent me this. So cute!
I'm trying to decide what to keep in it afterwards. Or rather, now. Since the contents....
....sadly didn't make it through the night. Nom nom nom.

It's been an odd week. Frazzling and yet with many good points too. All the good points have been non-work related while that part of life has provided all the frazzle. I've never been so glad to have a 4-day break. The only good thing about work is playing dress up. This was my take on Grotbags.
And then this was Morticia Adamms - my first outing with an Obi belt, and I liked it.
Lastly, this was Jessica Rabbit.
I was wearing these when I got into a discussion with my boss about when to send a letter. I took them off just before she uttered the memorable words "Just do what I tell you to." It's the second time she's said that to me. Unbelievable. I am sure she has contributed to my increase in grey hair. Maybe. Not really. But it has definitely increased.
I half like it, and I do look forward to when I'll look all distinguished with it like my muvver, but for now I am long overdue for a dye job.

I have been making an apron dress over the last couple of days - just a few hours at a time so my back doesn't play up. It's looking pretty fab if I say so myself but no photos til I've finished. For now, I've just got some patchwork to show.
They're so cheerful! Looking forward to sewing them all together and seeing what they look like all as one.

Lastly, the new Twist is up and contains lots of really lovely things. One of the articles caught my eye - a knitted alphabet but with a historical and artistic element. Very interesting. More here.


bagqueen said...

Hi, ypu hexagons look lovely, can't wait to see them in a finished object. I have had a quick look through the new twist and there are a few things I thought I'd like to do but haven't had a chance to read through properly. I particularly liked the hoodie.

TJ said...

I love hexagons! Well done... please post the finished project too!! Happy creations from tj in germany

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