Sunday, 18 April 2010

I had to post again...

... because I've been so terribly crafty today.

True to plan I made another little baby bandana top.
Brown. Very brown. I know some people think strong colours look wrong on babies but I rather like them.
The buttons are fakery. They cover poppers, which will be much easier for the parents. So it's really a little shirt.

I also finished all the knitting on Steggie. I did the hood and seamed it and did the spikes for the head and sewed them on.
Isn't it cute? I am really happy with it.
I just need a zip and to sew that in. Then it should be ready by the time they are back!

And then....I had previously threaded the beads, but today was when I cast on, and then I cast off about an hour ago.
It's the free beaded bracelet pattern by Heather and it is rather awesome. No purling, no increasing. Just cast on, knit and cast off. The shaping is from the beads. I would definitely recommend it. The only hardcore bit is the 1.75mm needles which were a bit hard to get used to. Especially as the 'yarn' was cotton so not stretchy. But after the first few rows it got much easier. I sewed on a little popper for the fastening and am wearing it while I type!

So there we go - what a great day! If only every day could be like this but sadly, it's back to work tomorrow. Ah well.


Nicola said...

A beautiful crafty day :)

Heather said...

The bracelet looks great! Glad you enjoyed the pattern.

I love the bandana tops, and I think strong colours look great on anyone (babies included).

Becky said...

I totally love those bandana tops they are amazing - I would so have put my boys in them when they were little - gorgeous !!! what a creative lady you really are; and as for the spotty pants you've made for yourself - what can I say - wonderful !

Anonymous said...

That stegosaurus hoodie is too cute! I feel an adult-sized version coming on...

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