Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mini me, naked

I got this link on twitter. It's from the stitch n bitch london group, which has since expanded to sewing and other crafts - surprisingly inclusive and very cool. So I felt the call and used the knit body blank as a starting point. I added some rows to the head and body and then just i-corded the arms and legs. The website advised you to big up your quirks so since my breasticles have featured recently I thought I'd emphasise them. And naturally there had to be some red and white polka dots somewhere.
She's now wearing a dress and will soon have purple trainers and a necklace. I'm also planning one of Pooch! They're accepting international submissions until the 26th so get your skates on and create a mini-you.

Yesterday was pretty crafty. I sewed the sleeves of steggie into place and picked up for the hood so am 95% of the way there. Then I also made this out of a bandana.
Isn't it cute? £1 for the bandana, 80p for 2m of bias binding, random button, and you're done. I will draw a template up if I have a min. Then of course you have to add your tag.
Bernard is what Pooch calls me. Only makes sense if you know my maiden name though. I'm tempted to keep it but it's for my Physio. The neck is rather wide too so I have plans for changes to a second one which I hope to get done today.

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OMG I have to make some of those bandana tops, they are way cool. Please do a template and/or some instructions for thick sewers like me!

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