Monday, 26 April 2010

A terrible quandry

I got my hexagons out when I got home as I've been longing to start sewing them together. I sew them randomly, which would give this kind of effect:
OR do I sort them into colour groups and go for a bit of a colour wave, like this...
Great word that. Help me decide? I've put a poll in the sidebar (on the right).

My mini-me and mini-pooch are progressing well. Here is the current status:
I mistakenly thought the deadline was today but of course it is 26th June. So loads of time to get crafting. The details are here and the finished articles will be in an exhibition at the Science Museum!

I have unexpectedly made contact with a good friend from school who I hadn't heard from in 15 years. I wasn't sure it was him from the photo online and so I rather tentatively emailed. A few emails later and he asked me to send him a photo and it made me realise I don't really have many of myself. I always tend to be the one behind the camera. So I made an effort and this is the best I could do.
Bit rubbish. I am just not photogenic. Meanwhile, despite having bigged up Rigby & Pellar to everyone who looked like they had a minute, I am almost regretting my visit. I wore my favourite bra today - an old friend with polka dots and everything. I Could Not Wait to get home and take it off. It felt so uncomfortable! It's rather a shame as I'll have to ditch it but it did make me wonder - are there any projects for upcycling bra's? I've seen some disgusting bags and purses but that's it. Anyone got any ideas?

Hold the phone - this charity take them and redistribute...


fiddlewitch said...

i voted for rainbow, but what about more of a diagonal wash of color stripes--the photo seems rather'll be very pretty any way you make it.

Daisy said...

Don't think I've seen any projects for reusing them, but we have bra recycling banks at the recycling centre in Surrey, and I think one outside Waitrose too.

bagqueen said...

I have had bra fittings at Bravissimo and they say that a good fitting bra should fit like yours and that feeling of dying to get your bra off by 5pm is perfectly normal!! So think again before you recycle !!

TJ said...

oooh I'd go with random but what the heck do I know? well done - keep going! happy creations from tj in germany


Damn, too late for the poll but I would have voted for Random. I am also a fan of R&P bras and usually find them brilliant, I buy the cheap ones on Ebay that are usually factory seconds. I have had one style though, I think it was Sienna, which really dug into my rib cage. I put it down to it being a second but maybe it was just the wrong style for my shape. The perils of being a cheapskate. Thanks for the charity link - I have been saving old bras for ages convinced that I had heard somewhere wanted them but unable to find out where it was!

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