Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pimp My Chair

I love my chair. Which is just as well as I would resent making new covers and the rest for it if I didn't. I worked out how much the fabric would cost me from spoonflower, and it came out as more than the chair cost, so I went to rolls and rems in lewisham and got some cord. Red for the arms and a lovely aubergine for the seat and back. I've only got the arms done so far but they bode well.
The cord has a little stretch to it so they fit nicely, despite my bodgetastic approach to soft furnishings. I also found a suitable hook for hanging scissors on.
Awesome - happy snoopy dance once I'd screwed that into place. And then there is the pin cushion. I decided to go all out on this and make a bespoke one. I always loved these segmented ones and found this tutorial for making one.
I absolutely adore it. I chain stitched around the edge to hide the dodgy seaming I'd done too.
Poifect. The only down side is that I don;t have any velcro handy to attach it to the chair with - I am going to velcro it to the arm of the chair so it can be removed for when I'm knitting rather than sewing. My final 'to do' is a small box or tray to go on the other arm (again velcro'd) for holding spools or thread, stitchmarkers and so on.

It was pay day this week and so I finally cracked and bought the alice in wonderland tie in necklace from Swarovski.
It was a major blow out but I have been lusting after it for at least a month and I only have so much willpower.

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KnittyLynn said...

Love the chair! Great ideas for pimpin' it out. I do have one thought on the velcro though. Make sure to put the soft part on the chair, not the stiff hook part or your yarn will snag. I know if it were me, I would end up doing it the other way. ;)

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