Saturday, 19 June 2010

Istanbul here I come!

Pooch and I are off for a blissful week in Istanbul. We have 3 nights in a traditional place and 3 nights in a very swish modern one. Both have wifi so I may blog if I have a minute. I've got a map of a great knitting shop, curtusy of the Istanbul knitting group on Ravelry and Pooch's agreement that up to an hour will be spent there and in the haberdashery shops nearby. Awesome.

I got it into my head that I *must* make a bag to use while there. So regard! Possibly the jobiest bag in the world!
The best thing about it is the kitten fabric on the inside. I love that fabric. Not sure if I'll actually take it with me but may do just for the fun of it.

Before I vanish allow me to direct you to Nics Knots. Gorgeous knitting bags in gorgeous fabrics. I do like the sheep designs, and the skull and crossbones, but the Laura Ashley poppies is the winner. So elegant.


minniemoll said...

The bag looks great - did you use a pattern or was it your own design?

Have a lovely holdiay :)

Nicola said...

Have a wonderful holiday maybe we can catch up when you get back x

Anonymous said...

Istanbul is an excellent choice;

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