Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Slow Week

Pretty slow week at work so far. New boy started yesterday and has so far born up well to the torrent of abuse that passes for our team dynamism. He just took a picture of me and two of my colleagues with our bellies' exposed and a 4th colleague's name written on the aforementioned exposed bellies. So as I type I have a big 'A' hidden under my t-shirt. He's still managed to eat lunch too. I guess it's only tuesday though, so goodness knows what horror will strike in the next few days.

Life outside work has been pretty exciting though. You don't end up like this by playing it safe you know.
(It's the inner side of my elbow on my right arm - I know the angles look weird but it is - trust me on this.)

I went to give blood. I really should stop doing that but it was World Blood Day and they'd sent me a postcard saying the blood stocks always plummeted during a World Cup so I thought I would. Plus they had a big cake. It was good. I got through the iron test and listing current meds with flying colours and she found a vein straight away too. Possibly over confident following my assurances that something usually goes terribly wrong she said "Here we go.......................Um...............................SHE'S BRUISING!!!!!!! SOMEONE GET ME A SWAB!!!!!". I took great pains not to look, since that's what lead to my fainting last time I went. It doesn't actually hurt but I have to wait four weeks for it to heal and then they'll try again.

Do you give blood? The two main disqualifications are being a gay man (so backward but there you go) and having had a blood transfusion since about 1980. If neither of those apply to you then you really should. Click here to find your nearest donation point. There might be cake.

So apart from that....I've become mildly obsessed with the look of my blog and with having weird dreams. I've really got to write down that one about the crab. It's not even like I've been eating cheese. I have been compiling tutorials for crafty goodness and have added another page to this blog to keep track of them. I was thinking about this in the bath last night and got quite annoyed with Pooch for not earning enough to make it possible for me to sit at home crafting more often. But then he came in and said something sweet and I remembered he was ok again.


Katie said...

I've donated 15 times so far, I'm off to donate at some point this week whenever I can face going in to town, possibly tomorrow...

Helen said...

thanks to your link im all booked in to donate for the first time on friday... yeay

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