Saturday, 24 July 2010

Chez Craft

There's been a lot of sewing going on. Unfortunately I can't blog about 2 of them, other than to offer this taster....
It is one of the cutest things I've ever made and a present for for ickle sister who's birthday it is in a week or so.

Last weekend at Deptford Market I got some really lovely fabric. It's some sort of 80s upholstery thing. I just adore the design though.
I knew as soon as I saw it it needed to be one of the bags from the Making Vintage Bags book that Pooch got me for my birthday. Brilliant book. The lining is perhaps not quite the right shade but who cares.
I like it anyway.
So given that I can't blog about anything else I've been making, that's about it!

1 comment:

lacepetticoat said...

No, you're wrong. The lining is AWESOME. :D The thing I love best about handmade bags is interesting lining!

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