Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Festival of Quilts Part 2

Part 1 on Monday was about the exhibition. Part 2 is more about.....the SHOPPING!

This is all the fabric I bought. 
There were a couple of groups. The first was cats. It's just a weakness I have. No photo of those in particular. The second is for fruity goodness. 
I got a metre if that cherry one. Would love to do a skirt but would need to line it as it's a bit thin. Which reminds me. Why wear a sheer white skirt with dark thong? I can think why you would do that. But I can't help thinking that you're under a misapprehension about what looks....lookable. Unless I'm wrong. I must ask Pooch. Anyway. 

Then there were japanese ones. 
And Christmas ones (for little nephew's stocking).
And then random ones.
This group includes a bolt-end piece I saw in a bargain basket. It's called 'dysfunctional family' and I knew I had to have it when I saw this panel.

I also got three feet for my sewing machine. 
One is for the machine embroidery course I'm doing in a few weeks at Make Lounge. The others will be demonstrated in coming weeks. And lastly I got two kits - one for a wire bracelet, which is genius in its simplicity. And another for Sashiko. 
I did a Sashiko workshop at the Festival which was pretty cool. Although it does strike me that this was another of those 'channelling your inner 17-year-old' moments where I could have just got on with it. I need to think about what else this might be stopping me from doing. But having said that, the teacher was very good and went into the whys and wherefores and I am looking forward to finishing my sample in the next week and starting the one I have bought. 

So yes, a very good weekend for me. And I will definitely be back next year!

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ooh lovely stuff. V jealous. I also have a weakness for the japanese fabrics, anything with cats on it and sashiko shit so am totally understanding the vibe. Will be interested in hearing how the make lounge workshop goes. I think their website is really well done and wish they were nearby. Having said that, we have some new crafty workshop type places opening up in Glasgow this month so I am hoping that they will get as 'la la la la'- made me chortle!

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