Saturday, 14 August 2010

This week I have been mostly...

...making coil bowls and taking pictures of random things while out and about in London. And knitting of course. Random first.
Crayon Shoes
Pooch thinks it is wrong to take pictures of people on the tube without asking them. And I agree that taking pics of people's faces or up their skirts or something is very dodgy. But I think bags is justifiable. And shirt pockets when suitably positioned.
What would YOU keep in that pocket?
Is it possible the bag says something in braille?
An adult woman was using this. Perfect

Thinking back to the bracelets - when I channelled by inner-17-year-old - I took another challenge on this week and finally made some coil bowls. I'd bought the stuff about 5 years ago but had convinced myself it would damage my sewing machine. But then I saw them being demonstrated again at Knit Nation. 
It really was that easy just to run one up. A few 1" strips (much less than I would have thought too) and there I was. And it is already in use at work!
Then to top it all Pooch asked me to make him one - he never asks me to make him things!? He wanted turquoise. 
I used up some other bits and bobs too to make stripes. 

It is Pete's birthday today and so I finally finished the zip of the Steggie I made for him. There is a party tomorrow so I just hope it fits. 

I've also been doing some more 'normal' knitting too. Using the unique sheep yarn I bought online about 6 months ago, but then was reminded about when I saw it for sale at Knit Nation. 
I may not have bought much there but it certainly has caused me to get crafty! The socks use 4 mini skeins which I move between to get the colour variation. It's not seamless but I quite like the effect. These are the first xmas presents I have made - which reminds me! I'll post the winner of the podcast competition very soon....


Anonymous said...

No, the bag doesn't say anything in Braille (which I learned to sight-read for work). It's pretty though (but I'd rather have one of your bowls...

Miriam said...

I really enjoy the way you look at things. I'm inspired to make a messenger bag with the outer flap covered with this gorgeous washed silk scarf that I never wear.

Nic said...

Those coil bowls were opposite us at Knit Nation and I couldn't understand how to make them without breaking my (very precious) sewing machine. So it's easy then? They look great.

Kate said...

Yes, I am still alive - I've just got back from KnitCamp and feel as if I could sleep for a week. I should be back at the blog face soon.

Love your pics.

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