Friday, 27 August 2010

This Week in London

Crazy clouds over Surrey Quays. 
Or possibly the exhaust trail from a UFO who'd just been to Tesco. Although Monday before 8am (when this was taken) is one of the only times it is ever closed. And so the aliens would have had to queue up with everyone else who inevitably gets there thinking it is one of the 'open all night' days and then stands around outside trying to look like they aren't queuing for Tesco. In which case the UFO people probably just left in a huff and went to Costcutter.

Bats in the rosebush.
(I swear I did not put this there. I checked and two days later it is still there.)

Eighties knitwear I wasn't expecting to see again, but am quite pleased about. Cat jumper here I come.
(Currently available from your local River Island.)

Why leave it at just one unlikely knitwear item. 
(Also in River Island - never rains but it pours.)

Man carrying a tree wrapped in dustbin bags on the tube. 

Trees leaning, leaning, leaning....
Do they grow like that or has the soil shifted?

1 comment:

Nic said...

LOL. I thought of you and your photo-taking on the tube the other day when I was on the tube...I saw something that would make an ace pic and thought of your post....then couldn't stop laughing so people clearly thought I was a freak ;) Thanks!

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