Friday, 6 August 2010

Welcome to the New Site!

I have been blogging here now for 5 years (five! Count 'em) and recently I have been thinking hard about what I might want to do during the next 5. When I started I was pretty much 100% knitting. Since then I've kept my love of knitting but have also got back into sewing again. So I took the scary step of changing my blog from "Lixie Knits It" to "Lixie Makes It".

I know it might seem like quite a small step but I've built up some loyal readers over the years and don't want to lose any of them with the change. So I hope everyone finds their way here and if you click on 'Follow' on the left sidebar you'll never lose me again!


TJ said...

Yeahhh!! So glad you let me know you've moved. I would have been so sad to lose you. Happy creations from germany... tj

Heather said...

I'm here!! Thanks for the note on my blog. I'm hoping to be back on it soon. The last few months have been rough (my health and other family members'), but I'm picking up again now. Brilliant to hear from you :)))

Becky said...

I've found you and I'll certainly be continuing to read your ramblings on a regular basis !!!

Katie said...

I found you!
Actually, I decided to do exactly the same thing a few months ago. I do a whole lot more than knit now, too. Though I think only my mum and my cousin read my blog regularly, so it's not such a big deal to me. I'm looking forward to more!
xx Katie.

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