Saturday, 21 August 2010

Why sir, you flattr me!

I was once again glomming and came across the concept of showing your blog love in a more supportive way than hit counts or comments. Welcome to the mirco-economy of

It is an amazingly simple concept. You sign up, commit a min of 2 Euros per month through paypal, and then you  "flattr" people who have already signed up. Your 2 Euros, or more if you want to, are then spread evenly between all the people you have flattr'd that month. There are some widgets to add to your blog and away you go. Check the bottom of this post for my 'Flattr' button. 

I really like this idea. There are lots of blogs - like Craftypod, where I feel I really benefit from the work the author has put in and I am happy to give such a tiny amount per month to show that. As with all online projects though you need a critical mass to make it work so....why not sign up yourself? It is terribly easy - go to and sign up!

Some people to Flattr, just to get us all started...
Leave me a comment and your blog address if you sign up and I'll come over for a visit!

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