Saturday, 7 August 2010

Why Wearing Own-Made is Good

(I hesitated over the title of this post because I could have put ‘handmade’ or even ‘homemade’. But I wanted to specifically focus on wearing things you made yourself – be it jumpers, hats, jewellery, bags or anything else.)

1. Uniqueness – Even if you have faithfully followed a pattern, you will have used a material, colour, size combination or made some tiny alteration that makes it different to everyone else’s. You are not going to get on the bus and see someone else wearing one of those.


2. Talking Point – When I wear things I have made myself, I invariably get comments and compliments. People can often spot when something is not mass produced and will ask you about it. In my case this is often because I’m wearing something odd. But sometimes it is because I am wearing something awesome....which brings me on to the next point.


3. Pride/Recognition – Even if what I am wearing is odd, I still made it which most people either physically can’t or can’t be bothered to do (or occasionally, such as with my stingray hat, they wisely chose not to). I know pride is a bad thing in some cultures but goddamn it I made something and I’m using it in real life and I am proud of that!


4. Satisfaction – this links closely with the previous point, but is more internalised. Even if no one says anything about what you have made you still have the inner knowledge that you made it and that it is good.


5. Confidence – this is wonderful for those of us who have that little inner voice that casts doubt on our abilities. But then you can look at and use things you have made and can see your skills in action. Plus if you took the time to make something you’ll have chosen a colour and materials that suit you, and nothing boosts your confidence like knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you look your best.


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Daisy said...

Couldn't agree more!

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