Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Competition Winner & Your Go To Books

Following my review of Knitting Green last week, all those who commented before end of Sunday were entered into a draw to win it in return for giving us their go to book. Here is what was suggested (click on the pics to go to the book's amazon page):

From Annette: A true classic. I also go to this one all the time.
"The first book I used a pattern out (tomten jacket) and when I have knitting question I almost always can find the answers in that book." 

From AlisonK: Another classic. SPM is a genius and she's working on a new book....

"Set out in clear terms a lot of hints & tips I just hadn't known with being a self-taught knitter who mainly works in isolation. This book is also responsible for the fact that I ever succeeded in knitting a sock, as the first one I did was to Stephanie's recipe." 

From Charlotte and Nocton4: One that got a lot of people back into the swing of things. 

"The book that got me back into knitting as a twenty year old. Now I pass it on to all my friends who want to knit, and we use the diagram pictures for them to learn a new technique. I can leave the book with them, and then next time we meet for a knit session, suddenly they have finished an item! Still occasionally look up kitchener stitch in it myself... "

"Always to hand and so great with clear advice."

From Katy: For £4.50 this has got to be a must-have book. I love my copy.
"So many projects of different types, so many useful hints and tips (though the instructions for a circular cast on defeated me!) It's the book I took away with me this summer and I didn't feel the lack of any other knitting book."

From Becky: An unusual one this but I can see that it would be handy.
"I knit stuff from that book all the time - when I need a quick gift, there is always something in there to help me out."

From Me! This is another by Ann Budd and I really do use it *all* the time.

So....without further ado the winner is....
Which is Nocton4 according to the list of commenters on that post. I've left a message on your blog so email me your address and the book is yours!

BTW - I am destashing some books and patterns myself at the moment on ebay. Pop over for a look and grab a bargain. All with free postage.

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