Saturday, 11 September 2010

Episode 20 of the Podcast

(It may be a few hours before episode 20 shows up below. Click here if it isn't showing.

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First Block of Interviews are from....
Explanation of swiss darning.

Second block of interviews are from...
Try and search for #iknit. Click on that last link to go straight to that search on twitter (no log in needed). Tutorial on "Twitter for Knitters" will be on my blog soon. Plus Follow Me on Twitter.

SkipNorth knitting holiday - more information here.

Third block of interviews are from...
Extra links:



Return of your podcasts = ace!

AMK said...

One of the things I knitted in the 80s was a jumper with Swiss Darned motifs on the front. All very nice, but the motifs somehow went rather lumpy & odd. There's a reason I'm a knitter, not an embroiderer! You can see the designers version of said sweater in my flickr photostream - pyewacket2007, "special effect" 010 & 011.

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