Friday, 3 September 2010


I've been thinking about getting a tattoo again. I wobble between 'meh' and 'meh', but pronounced differently. Part of the reason can be seen on the second row of today's mosaic - all inspired by 'sashiko'.

Pretty cool huh? You can click on the credits for the photographer's Flickr page. Such a skill with the camera. That kind of body art is just divine. I can imagine not getting bored looking at that for the next eleventy years. Although of course as a woman I can expect my body to do more waxing and waning than a man, especially within the next decade.

My love of sashiko took a bit of a blow this morning. I was ready half an hour early so decided to mellow out with some stitching. A new pattern arrived yesterday so I was all set when I found I Could Not Find The Sashiko Thread That Was There Yesterday. Grrr. I may have to use normal embroidery cotton which I dare say will be ok but it's not the same and will give a different look to the end result. But then considering I still haven't worked out what to do with any of my finished panels that's not such a big concern. It's definitely more 'process' than 'product' round here.

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Sarah said...

What is the difference between the sashiko thread and normal embroidery cotton?

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