Saturday, 9 January 2010

My first ever french plait

I've impressed myself with how shiny my hair looks.


Sadly it doesn't look anywhere near that good in real life. C'est la vie.

To cover up my offending hair I've knit myself a new hat today. I daresay most knitters in the UK have been knitting hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, pule warmers, thick socks, extra jumpers and more in the last few days. I had been wearing a beret I made a few years ago but it wasn;t warm enough. in 2008 I made the Jughead hat from Domiknitrix's book and really liked it. So finally I've got one of my own.


It's made from three strands of sock yarn leftovers held together. They were all blue shades so it works pretty well. I only needed 5 segments to get the right size. Should help keep me snug next time I venture out. You can't really see it from the photo but the hem is zig zag and turns up. Like a crown! Princess Me!

Pooch is in flight as I type and will shortly land in the States for his 5 towns in 8 days tour of Sony offices. Bless him. At least it means lots more air miles for our potential holiday. I got a wedding invite today for a friend of ours in australia who is having a castle themed wedding. I should have taken a photo of it. It's really detailed with aged paper with burnt edges and a wax seal. The wedding is 'castle' themed and everyone has to dress up. In one way this is bad as it guarantees Pooch won't go. But on the other hand it seems like great fun. There just aren't enough opportunities in my life for dressing up.

Pooch being away gives me a chance to get my stash out and have a spring clean. I also need to finish the jumper I was making over xmas, illness allowing. (My gastric flu lasted til the 2nd and I was in bed by 10 on new year's eve.) I swatched, I ripped out once because it was too big, I tried it on half way, but no. It's too small. I don;t have enough yarn to make it bigger and it is vintage from the KCG mountain so no chance of anymore.


It's very pretty, although I would maybe do it raglan without the neck cables if I were to do it again.


I love the effect on the hem and cuffs.

To top it off the Radiate Cardigan I was knitting has had to be ripped back to the yoke as I didn't try it on til too late and the armholes were much too shallow. Ah well. Chin Up. At least all this wool will keep me snug.
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