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Showing posts from January 17, 2010

Tam Jacket

I finally cast on something from the amazing 'Unexpected Knitting' book at the weekend. I deliberately chose chunky yarn so it went quickly.

I really like it! I sewed back the corners of the front to make it look like a little collar.

Next time a baby comes along I'll make one of these in fairisle. Should look beautiful.

I've finally got around to taking some decent pictures of the stitchmarkers I got last year. I had been emailing the creator and asked whether he ever did personalised ones of people's faces - children, partners etc. The conversation developed and I sent him a pic of the Pooch. And look at this!

Isn't that amazing? I also bought a pig, rabbit and black sheep at the same time. He is amazingly talented and the finishing is awesome.

So cute!

Now Pooch and I have a fairly entertaining relationship. There are certain disagreements but they rarely last too long. Tonight, for instance, he wouldn't give me any of his chocolate yoghurt, so I took his glas…

More Kanzashi, and a crush returns

I love crushes. I had a couple when I was younger - Ed Lewis and Matt Andrews, ah, where are they now....probably bald... - but having them as an adult is so much more fun. You know it's a crush and you know it's fantasy, and you know you're not actually going to meet them, but it doesn't matter. It's just fun. So as the second series of Being Human has started I can get back into my crush on Aidan Turner. He who must be adored.

Phew. My crush for him after series 1 was great enough to get me to watch several episodes of the weird romantic painter thing in BBC where he played Rosetti with an english accent. Judging by the first episode of series 2 he's buffed up a bit. Promises gratuitous body shots later on in the series. It's only a matter of time before he gets onto GaySpy. Being Human also offers Russel Tovey, frequently completely naked, which is also very nice. Some of you may now be wondering what GaySpy is. Click on that link. Honestly, it's fine…