Saturday, 6 February 2010


My love affair with Flickr continues. Ah flickr, how do I love thee? Today, I have been looking at Quilts.

The reason for this is because I have done more on my own dotty quilt.
Mmmmm. I love my quilt. It's not perfect, and I can not sew curved seams to save my life, but then that's what zig zag stitch and an applique like turn of mind was invented for. Sadly bending forward over the sewing machine makes my back hurt so I can only do a little at a time.

I finallt gave in and bought series 1 of Lie to Me on dvd. Which brings us to Lixie's Crush of the Week (which should have a theme tune like Harry Hill's segments always do). It is, of course, Tim Roth. 
This is my first time having a crush on someone noticably older with me (17 years) but even so he's still got that bad boy thing going on and.... it's all good. I know what those of you who know me are thinking - bad boy...yeah, just like pooch. But you know, a girl can dream. 

I went to see the physio on thursday and put on the hated shorts. Instant muffin. Lying down I speculated whether the clothes or the woman maketh the muffin. At which point David poked me in the relevant area and said "What? You mean this?" I think that is a sign that it's time to lose a little weight. 16 pounds is perhaps a tad ambitious as that will see me down to 10 stone, so maybe I'll change that to 9. Then I'll be back where I was before I went totally mental, which will be nice.


Just finally, it was of course Les's funeral yesterday. It was short and to the point, but wonderfully personal and very moving. His sons spoke very nicely about their dad and the whole family was there for Tess. Nic, Yvonne and I acquitted ourselves very respectfully as representatives of all of you who knew him or met him at fairs. Gone, but definitely not forgotten.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Unexpected Fairisle

Having completed a chunky baby tam jacket a few weeks ago I decided to go 4-ply and fairisle. The start was not promising.
Ghastly mess. But I have hung on in there and here is where I am now.
Not amazing but looking ok. In retrospect I would have started the fairisle later to get some more increases out of the way, and also would use a plain white rather than the dotty one which I used for some socks last year, but it's all using up stash so is all good. Looking forward to seeing it done.

I was crusing the web the other day looking for a UK equivalent of ReproDepot and came across SeamStar. I will so be going back there. I ordered on monday and today....
How fricking cute are those cats? I need to think of something to do justice to them. I want to have them in front of me all the time. I'm not into plushy type things though, so what to do?

Monday, 1 February 2010

I do declare

A declaration is the pentecostal equivalent of a christening, I now know. And yesterday was the declaration of my ickle nephew, Alfie. This is him with one of his other aunties - lucky thing has 3 - and my sister-in-law.
Look at his little outfit! Waistcoat, tie, shirt, trousers and braces! Those really made me think of Les, which I guess is quite suitable as in the whole cycle of life. I hope Alfie turns out to be as nice a guy as Les was.

There was a buffet afterwards and if there's one thing this church did well it was the buffet. Mmmm, mmm. I've got three words for you - key lime pie. Pooch says I am now '2 slices byrne', which is nice. The other grandma made it and she got the recipe from a Carnation condensed milk tin, and I got it from their website. Soooooo unhealthy but my god it was good. I bought a lift out bottom cake tin today especially for the purpose. So easy to make too.

Pooch has been working very hard recently on all his hush hush things. This was the view I had of him for most of the weekend.
Hard at work, although I later realised he was mostly reading articles about football.
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