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Showing posts from February 7, 2010

Pooch's germ transmission methods

Pooch is frequently ill, as I have often remarked before. Usually, I don;t get what he has, but sometimes he manages to spread it around. In the past he has tried various methods including smearing germs on the lid of his laptop so I caught them when I licked it, but I can not work out how he has managed to do it this time. Whatever, the method, I have now got his cold so spent the day shivering at home. On the plus side it gave me a chance to finish the button band and block my radiation cardigan. It's drying now so the only thing left to decide on is buttons. I delved deep into my collection and have two possibilities. 
The green are 1950s and the white are 1970s plastic. The white have got the radiation type pattern on them but the green are very sweet. Will have to ponder it a few more days. 

Having got the cardigan done I can get on with the wedding blanket for my best friend who got married ...... in august. Slightly late but it's not like it's been cold enough for it …