Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

I've just started reading Alain de Botton's latest book (The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work) in paperback. I'm only about 60 pages in but I'm already really enjoying it. I went to a talk by him about his architecture book at the V&A a few years ago and so as I read it I get a real sense of his voice saying the words. I know a lot of intellectuals dismiss his books as pop psychology but I find them so well written and so approachable, and I suppose that's all that really matters since I'm not making anyone else read it.

Once again it prompts me to think about my job, especially as my appraisal in on Monday and I suspect I'm going to get a talking to about positive mental attitude. My boss asked me to draft some stuff for it and when I sent it to her she sent it back to me telling me to make it more positive. She suggested I do this by talking about all the exciting things I'd like to do. I pointed out that there was no scope for doing any of them because there are no resources, and she said to put that in too. So there's me motivated.

To cheer myself up I blinged my keyboard. Metallic Markers. Awesome.
Pooch was a little concerned since the keyboard is company property, but then they're water soluble. And keyboards react really well to water - so no problem!

No knitting to report this week since I have been mainly patchworking. The polka dot quilt is progressing still, and I've also started some hand sewing using 1" hexagons. It's a very satisfying way to use up small bits of fabric and so I've started a swap on swap-bot for remnants. One for April and one for June. Anyone can join so take a look if you're interested. I've also been finally putting pictures up.
Ideally I'd have them in a rough band all the way round the room, but Pooch seems to think that is enough for now. Rotter. But then, he is known for being grumpy. In fact...
Yay, iPhone. That's from a free app called "Framed Lite". Awesome.
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