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Happy Easter!

Or anything else you happen to be celebrating at the moment. I love Easter. It's the chocolate. At no other holiday is there such a good reason for filling yourself with so much lovely chocolate. It's started well as my MIL has sent me this. So cute!
I'm trying to decide what to keep in it afterwards. Or rather, now. Since the contents....
....sadly didn't make it through the night. Nom nom nom.

It's been an odd week. Frazzling and yet with many good points too. All the good points have been non-work related while that part of life has provided all the frazzle. I've never been so glad to have a 4-day break. The only good thing about work is playing dress up. This was my take on Grotbags.
And then this was Morticia Adamms - my first outing with an Obi belt, and I liked it.
Lastly, this was Jessica Rabbit.
I was wearing these when I got into a discussion with my boss about when to send a letter. I took them off just before she uttered the memorable words "Just do…


When I was serving time on the inside, one of the things they stressed was that it was perfectly normal to be unhappy. Most people were unhappy for more or less of their lives. The aim therefore was to be healthily unhappy rather than unhealthily depressed. Which makes sense in a very depressing way. Having recently had a bit of a blow to the old mental confidence, I find myself back in familiar territory – trying to work out whether I am healthily or unhealthily unhappy. In these situations I, like many others, turn to religion. I have talked about my beliefs before and this is where Pastafarianism comes in very handy.

A Christian, when asking themselves this kind of question, might say “What would Jesus do?”. Jesus could be fairly moody (see money sellers in the temple) plus in many ways exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia (hearing voices), so in many ways it's hard to use him as a reality yardstick. This is where Pastafarianism wins hands down. Because, as every FSM devotee wil…