Friday, 16 April 2010


It's not often I blog about politics, but the first televised leaders debate in UK history warrants a certain amount of comment. For me it was especially interesting as it was my first experience of following tags on twitter too. I tweet. I don't do it much, and I'm not very interesting, but I have been using it more and more to follow what others are up to. Tweeters were mainly taking the piss, but then there's nothing wrong with that and there were some extremely funny ones (none of these are mine):

  • David Cameron looks like a life size porcelain memorial doll of himself, from The News of the World magazine.
  • I tried to flip my house. Put my back out.
  • Shag, Marry, Kill? Who would you choose??
  • Picture of david cameron's notes.
  • Gordon Brown's ears are enormous, you could easily beat a Rhino to death with them
  • I went to [insert town] & spoke to [insert minority group] & s/he said [insert horrific story]? 

Perhaps even more amazing, for a while there the leaders debate out tweeted Justin Bieber for most frequently mentioned. The rest of the world must have wondered what on earth was going on.

Pleh. But then it did make me wonder whether to vote lib dem afterall. Because my area was more than 50% labour last time and the MP is a minister (Joan something or something like that) I didn;t think there was any point voting anything else. But Cleggy was quite impressive, if only because he could afford to relax more than the other two because he's such an outsider. The second one (on Sky - hello? not all of us have Sky. Who's idea was that?) will show his real chutzpah. He'll be under a lot of pressure to do that well again.

Enough politics - let's talk about underwear. My quest to find out what size my gazungas actually are continues. I took the bull by the horns and made an appointment at Rigby & Pellar.
They are the ones who support the queen's jewels so I figure if they are good enough for her, they'll do for me. And they are really good. They fit you by sight, no tape measures anywhere. Then they go and get endless bras until you feel like a princess and don;t even care about the megabucks on the price tags. While I was being fitted the woman in the next cubicle was being fitted with a mastectomy bra. The assistant was so good with her and she went from uptight to giggling in about 10 mins. As she was leaving the assistant gave her a card with her name on and told her to ask for her whenever she came back and she would make sure she only got shown the sexiest designs so she could always feel fabulous. It sounds like it could have been fake and sickly-sweet but that assistant, as well as mine, was awesome.
Just don't ask me how much I spent.

I've had the last two days off work - solely in order to tidy the flat. I freely admit the mess had got a bit too much. It wasn't dirty - there were just piles EVERYWHERE. And now there are none. Some drawers are a little 'bulgy' but the floor is free and empty, and having put so much into making it that way there is a definite incentive to keep it like that. I finished at lunchtime today and so for a little treat got the bus to Lewisham for a stop at Rolls and Rems. I love that place. For less than a tenner you get a pile of fabric, trimmings, and if you're lucky, a jam doughnut from Greggs. Not to be eaten when windy, as we all know.
Can't you imagine that strawberry print with the edges cut with pinking shears covering jam jars? Not that I make jam of course. I have patchwork on my mind. And so when I got home and found I needed some more hexagon paper pieces I was about to print some on normal paper when I saw a pile of old statements waiting to be shredded. Cutting them into hexagons is kind of like shredding. I used this site to create a pdf and off I went.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I am really enjoying the Steegie hoody. It's going so fast compared to the 4-ply I've been working with recently. The arms are knit upside down to the way you'd normally do them when knitting flat, so you add the zigzags at each end of the top of the arm so when you sew the seam you've got the ridges along the top of the arms in two colours, each off set by half a zig.

I had the red from the 2009 SkipNorth and picked up the blue and green from this year's. Perfecto.

I went to visit the recipient and his wonderful parents yesterday. He's had a growth spurt so fingers crossed I've made it big enough. Nic (for it was she) has put her back out again and god knows I can sympathise with that. She'd still managed to get me a strawberry as a present though. How awesome is this?

It's a strawberry (duh) but it's also one of those reusable shopping bags which you can unfold at a moment's notice. On the way back home I popped into a charity shop and saw this book. It is full of vintage gems, such as this.

A tray holder. For when you're not sure where to keep your trays. Delightful. Then this caught my eye and I knew I'd have to buy the book.
I've always wondered how to get that effect on fabric and now I know.
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