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Showing posts from April 25, 2010

Nom nom nom

Flesh and juice of a lime, spoonful of sugar, slug of bacardi, top up with ginger beer and strain.
Looking forward to Friday Late at the V&A tomorrow with Nickerjac and others. Still haven't got to the Quilts exhibition so hopefully will get a peek at that too.

A terrible quandry

I got my hexagons out when I got home as I've been longing to start sewing them together. I sew them randomly, which would give this kind of effect:
OR do I sort them into colour groups and go for a bit of a colour wave, like this...
quandry...quandry...quandry Great word that. Help me decide? I've put a poll in the sidebar (on the right).

My mini-me and mini-pooch are progressing well. Here is the current status:
I mistakenly thought the deadline was today but of course it is 26th June. So loads of time to get crafting. The details are here and the finished articles will be in an exhibition at the Science Museum!

I have unexpectedly made contact with a good friend from school who I hadn't heard from in 15 years. I wasn't sure it was him from the photo online and so I rather tentatively emailed. A few emails later and he asked me to send him a photo and it made me realise I don't really have many of myself. I always tend to be the one behind the camera. So I m…