Friday, 28 May 2010


I love tutorials. So inspiring. These are just some I've spotted this week.
  1. Pot Holders (I'd like these for placemats though)
  2. Amazing illustrations
  3. Button Bouquets. Not a new idea, but reinvented here with the addition of paper!
  4. Making Bias Tape (via Craftzine)
  5. Visual Tricks with felt-tips
  6. Macaroon recipe - must try for Pooch!

Monday, 24 May 2010

What a difference a day makes

The last few weeks have been really busy at work as I've been running 90 oral exams in 2 locations over three days using about 30 examiners. So I took today off and have had a really wonderful time. It makes me wish a 4-day week lay somewhere in my near future. But sadly not. Weekend first though - went down to muvvers in Somerset and had a wonderful time. Blissful weather, very relaxing, lots of time in the garden, great food, and a cat you can't help but love....
We were hanging out - not something we usually do since she is a prolific hunter and barely spends more than an hour a day at the house during the summer.
Of course my favouritest animal was also there.
He was on excellent form. He got to eat crab, and got driven around by me in the custard car - the brightest yellow car you ever saw which belongs to my sister.
We had lunch with my parents at a beautiful house with an amazing garden. I adore poppies.
So beautiful.
And it meant I had a lot of time to knit while I was relaxing. This is my old shale pattern cardi which I'm doing bottom-up in Ty-Dy cotton.

So that brings me to today and my wonderful day off. I headed straight to the V&A Quilts Exhibition. On Nickerjac's recommendation I got the iPhone app for it and I'm very glad I did as it was really handy. Not only do you get the commentary, you also have the option to look at some details on the screen as the nature of the quilts means that they're too delicate to get too close to. This is one of my favourites which luckily they had a postcard of.
Union jacks made out of liberty prints. So clever and so beautiful.

After that I headed off to Covent Garden and Artbox. I love that shop. You can buy online too. This was my haul.
Little ankle socks with ducks on. Awesome. And then a little something from the Bead Shop.
And then Cyber Candy was just round the corner so it would have been silly not to get some Cherry Ripe bars. Goddamn I love those things. If only they'd make them in the UK. Although considering my waistline it's probably best they don't. 

Days off rule!
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