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Showing posts from July 11, 2010

Crafty Week

It's been quite an astounding week. Highs, lows, triumph, disaster, knitting, name it, it's happened.

Office life was disrupted by the departure of Sam who has left to go back to Uni. We had a great send-off for him but it is going to take a while for a new equilibrium to form. Luckily his replacement, Jonesy, is shaping up well but still, it;s not the same. Luckily I had Dave's first strawberry to console me. It tasted delicious!
Nick, the brother strawberry plant, is yet to fruit. Bit of a slow starter.

Meanwhile my big project has had its contract signed so that piece of trauma it over. Just need the damn thing to be built now. It makes my other office success seem a bit less impressive.
Template is on my tutorials page here.

One bad thing about Sam leaving is that he was organising the cake world cup - started solely because he wanted others to bake cake for him to eat. It's the semi-finals and while the group stages were country based, based on the offi…

When your day has been ghastly...

...your only choice is to print a page of nonsense onto a sheet of iron-on-transfer-paper and get busy with your pants.
I even remembered to reverse the text. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Knowing that it pays for my crafting is sometimes the only thing that keeps me from nutting people at work.

Bethnal Green Craftacular

The Craftacular at Bethnal Green yesterday was spectacularly well attended. I got there at midday, which was when it was due to open, and the mother of all queues was already in place.
That was just the bit that went round the corner. When you got round it there was a whole another bend to get round.
Has there ever been such a queue to get into a craftacular?

In any case, it was worth the wait, and the £2 entrance fee, as this is what awaited me.
Stand after stand of crafty goodness, plus cakes and drinks. They sold out of iced tea in an hour (20 gallons so I heard) and anyone making fans would have been minted as I must have been asked a dozen time where I'd bought mine. (Luckily I always carry one, as you do - so handy on the tube, and got my panda encrusted one from Artbox. Love that place and excellent online service.) Truly they could have done with some air conditioning.

You know how in the consumer craft world there are trends and then everyone is suddenly doing them? Here it …